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Request Review - Lineage by Katherine Gilraine (The Index #3)

Picture from Goodreads
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Format: eBook
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Date:  August 15th 2009
Rating: 5/5
Source: Borrowed from Friend
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Summary from Goodreads:

In the 34th Century, New York City's everyday gets an entirely new twist when one of the premier businessmen, Jason Watson, goes missing after a series of strange events at his company that have never been resolved. Suspicions of foul play arose to the degree that Alex Kramer, the missing man's business partner, decides that it's time to call in some otherworldly help.

Arriella's sister disappears on the job, and her last location takes Arriella and the Mages directly back to Earth. While they are away, Emperor Rhyssius finds out that some ambitions never die...

It's all about connections.

...isn't it?

What I think:

Writing review for Katherine Gilraine's Index series is so challenging without giving out spoilers and hints!

Just like the first two books, Lineage is intriguing in its own way. What drawn me into the story is that it is futuristic yet contains fantasy in it which is really unique as a storyline ( I don't think I have read a book with both combination before. I could have but probably forgot since it wasn't that memorable). 

I also enjoy the mysteries aspect in the story apart from the drama, suspense, and action. Everything tied it perfectly and each chapter flowed right onto the next. I read this book in one go again because I wanted to find out more after each critical idea were introduced. 

I loved the characters! So witty and interesting. I think I've been saying that and you guys are probably tired of hearing that! Humor were put at the right place before the plot thickens so it allows the reader to shift their attention to the characters and not just what is happening to the character.

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