Saturday, June 2, 2012

Request Review - Mages by Katherine Gilraine (The Index #1)

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Format: Paperback (362 pages)
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Date:  August 15th 2009
Rating: 5/5
Source: Borrowed from Friend
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Summary from Goodreads:

In a post-war universe, after two centuries of cleaning up after villains, restoring worlds, lives, and hearts, and ending wars and resolving conflicts, three young warriors finally say, "It's time for a break." However, they end up with more than what they bargained for as they resurface again in 21st Century New York City, with their break at a screeching halt as new trouble hits.

As they hit the ground running and fighting, the warriors confront a series of personal concerns that had become difficult to keep out of the work arena. How far will Shourron II go to ensure the job gets done? What made Rena take the original conflict so personally that she would violate the bylaws that she herself had written? Why does Vannara constantly insist that the galaxy's greatest criminal is innocent?

One thing's for sure in their search for those answers: break time's over.

What I think: 

I was actually messaged by the author to do a review on her fourth book in this series so I've decided to do book reviews from the first book to the fourth book just to keep up with the consistency ahahaha =)
There were so many character introduced in the book that I actually love all of them. They were genuine and also easy to remember. I read books before which introduced so many characters that it was so difficult to keep track of and thus, I either lose interest in them or just confuse me so much that I have to put the book down. In addition, the character development were clearly planned. I thought that the characters were really realistic so it was easy to feel strongly attached the them.

I particularly enjoy all the dialogue parts of the story. They are just witty and they effectively shows you their personality and hint what they really are which is WAY more interesting then just simply describe them in the narration. From reading my other reviews, you must know that I am one of those people that prefer being show and not tell in stories, therefore, I must highly HIGHLIGHT this point.

The cliffhanger was perfectly written because it effectively leads to the sequel. The overall plot was good and it was really hard to put the book down seeing as all the events were so captivating. The opening was particularly strong which is a bonus seeing as short attention span people, such as myself, can get caught into the story right off the bat. I look forward to the second book!


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